Use of prohibited clauses in contracts

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The use of prohibited clauses in contracts may lead to the opening of investigatory proceedings by the UOKiK President, who is authorized to issue a fine of up to 10% of a company’s turnover in the previous year.

Please note that prior to 2016, when the President of UOKiK assumed legal competence in this area, it was the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection that possessed the competence to rule on cases concerning abusive clauses. Since 2016, UOKiK has been quite active in investigating the possible use of prohibited clauses in contracts.


Hansberry Tomkiel offers:

  • representation during UOKiK’s investigations of possible uses of prohibited contract clauses,
  • legal opinions,
  • assessment of whether a client’s contract templates comply with the law,
  • workshops/training that are tailored to a client’s needs and business.

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