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One of the most significant restrictions of competition is bid rigging (tender collusion). Under Polish law, not only is bid-rigging a violation of the Competition Act, but it is also a criminal offense.

The President of UOKiK considers the detection and punishment of bid-rigging as an agency priority. UOKiK has stepped up its efforts in this area by working with other governmental authorities such as the Internal Security Agency (ABW), Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) as well as the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the police.


Hansberry Tomkiel works with its clients during bidding processes to ensure their compliance with the Competition Act.

Our offer includes:

If the Competition Authority has already brought charges, we work closely with our client to identify facts and arguments to defend the challenged conduct. We are experienced in presenting convincing defences to the Competition Authority. Our Firm often works hand in hand with specialised teams of antitrust economists and industry experts.

If a client chooses not to defend against a charge by the Competition Authority and wishes to limit its liability, Hansberry Tomkiel can help to identify available legal solutions such as the leniency programme, or amicable methods of resolving UOKiK’s antitrust proceedings.


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