Mock dawn raids

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The President of UOKiK increasingly seeks information and evidence in cases regarding competition or consumer protection by carrying out dawn raids and searches.

The European Commission is also entitled to perform inspections in Poland regarding competition protection and have done so in the offices of several Polish companies.

A dawn raid or search is stressful for everyone. Imprudent words, actions or decisions could have significant and far-reaching results if the law is broken (penalties for obstructing a dawn raid or a search could be as high as EUR 50 million). It is clearly better to be prepared in advance and know the rights and obligations of those performing a dawn raid and of those being inspected. This knowledge and familiarity can be achieved by our workshops and trainings, including mock dawn raids.


We offer clients an option to organise mock dawn raids as part of broader, comprehensive training on competition or consumer protection, or as a way to identify whether there are any instances of non-compliance with the law that should be known and corrected.


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