Contractual advantage

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Specific legal measures are intended to ensure fair relationships between parties in the agricultural product and foodstuff supply chains and to eliminate the stronger party’s exploitation of an imbalance in economic potential between the manufacturer and the buyer of agricultural products or foodstuffs.

Examples of such conduct include the practice of charging slotting fees and using other onerous contractual terms, which generate unfair benefits for one of the contracting parties at the expense of the other.


For companies who may have a contractual advantage in relation to their business partners in the marketing of agricultural products and foodstuffs, the Firm provides advice on how to pursue business strategies within the law.

We offer:

  • Assessments of legal compliance;
  • Drafting compliance procedures;
  • Legal and compliance trainings and workshops.

We also assist businesses affected by the unfair actions of companies with a contractual advantage, by drafting complaints to UOKiK of suspected infringements of the law.

If UOKiK has already brought charges (meaning, if investigatory proceedings have been opened), we work closely with our client to identify facts and arguments to defend the charged conduct.


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