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The risk of not acting in compliance with the consumer protection law can be minimised by consumer law workshops and trainings offered by Hansberry Tomkiel. Such training is especially important for a company’s management, in-house lawyers, and employees whose work may be in areas that are sensitive to a risk of violating the consumer law. A company’s salespeople must comply with the rules prohibiting misselling, while persons drafting templates of contracts with consumers must be aware of the contract clauses that the Consumer Protection law prohibits.


The Firm offers clients comprehensive trainings on competition law as well as focused trainings devoted to specific aspects of the competition law for employees at various levels, including those who work in the management board, as well as in the departments of finance, law, procurement, sales and marketing.

Hansberry Tomkiel’s workshops and training sessions are tailored to each client. We take into consideration a client’s business profile, main objectives, and past issues, if any, concerning compliance with consumer laws, as well as the specific nature of its relationships with consumers and customers.


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