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Finding the way through the maze of legal regulations and laws is a challenge. Often this is due to quickly changing regulations and the adoption of new ones. It is important to have the assurance that your company has and is acting in compliance with the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”) and the EU competition law. The alternative, blindly doing business without familiarity of the competition laws, can be costly. The President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection ( “UOKiK”) is authorized to issue harsh fines against companies and their managers for a violation of the Act and EU competition law. Breaches of the Act may also lead to civil liability for damages caused (private enforcement).


Depending upon the needs and requests of a client, the Firm carries out a comprehensive audit/assessment of a client’s compliance with competition law. Our Firm’s audit/assessment can be narrowed to selected aspects of the company’s practices and operations (for instance, an audit of specific agreements).

Such an audit/assessment may lead to the issuance of:

  • a legal opinion with recommendations concerning changes to a company’s business practices,
  • procedures designed to ensure competition law compliance, or
  • amendments of a company’s existing procedures and practices.

The Firm conducts compliance assessments with regard to all areas of competition law, including distribution agreements, agreements between competitors, concentrations, instances of actual or potential abuses of dominance and unfair competition.

The Firm has conducted compliance audits for companies in the following industries: finance, power engineering, telecommunications and media / emerging technologies, FMCG, and municipal services.


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