Class Actions / Group Claims Act

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The Group Claims Act has been in force since 19 July 2010. This Act concerns cases in which one type of claim is demanded by at least 10 people. The scope of the Group Claims Act is limited to consumer rights cases, dangerous product liability cases and tort actions. An infringement of the Competition Act is considered a tort and thus, can be pursued by using the Group Claims Act.

The Group Claims Act allows for making both pecuniary and non-pecuniary claims. Cases concerning pecuniary claims are allowed under the condition that the claimed value for each group member is unified taking in consideration all common circumstances of the case. Thus, the amount of a claim must be generally unified for each member of the group, although the unification may be done in sub-groups. A sub-group must consist of at least two persons.


Our Firm is available to provide advice and representation to those who wish to file a group claim. We are also available to represent clients defending such cases.


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